Welcome to the artist's portfolio of Teresa Baksa. The artwork is loosely grouped chronologically into collections, starting with Recent Work, Collection I, Collection 2, and Collection 3and it includes separate collections for works related to Provincetown, and Portrait CommissionsA  comprehensive biography, told through photographs and the progression of Teresa's art, begins with Early Years, through Middle Years, Middle Years Continued, and ends with To Present

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 Recent Press: LOVE LETTERS: MILLER WHITE COVERS YOU IN LOVE, Cover Story, Artscope Magazine, Sept/Oct, 2019

Represented by Miller White Fine Arts , South Dennis, MA

Current Exhibitions:

LOVE LETTERS: “I will cover you with love when next I see you …” *, Miller White Fine Arts, S Dennis, MA

A large-scale Invitational featuring an evocative visual inquiry into physical love, from gender to sex to sexual orientation. Within a variety of artistic traditions, Love Letters encompasses myriad notions of sexual instinct and motivation, the passions of courtship, and the wondrous odyssey of the body in sensual relationship with another.

*Title references a letter authored by renowned French writer Gustave Flaubert to his wife, Louise Colet, when he was 25 years old.

Exhibition Dates: August 16, 2019 – October 11, 2019

Artscope Magazine, Sept/Oct 2019, cover artwork, Falling To Love, charcoal & pastel, 48” x 36”, Teresa Baksa 2019

Cover of Artscope magazine, Sept/Oct,2019, featuring Falling To Love, charcoal & pastel, 48” x 36”, Teresa Baksa 2019

Cover of Artscope magazine, Sept/Oct,2019, featuring Falling To Love, charcoal & pastel, 48” x 36”, Teresa Baksa 2019



 Teresa Baksa on Art

     When I am in the studio, or painting outside, or when I am working directly from a model, I let mostly intuition, with some reason, rule my world. It is more a world of feeling and sensation, but imagined from what I see and sense in the natural world. Feelings that cannot be expressed in words, can be expressed through art. The wonderful thing about art is that it enables the artist to tap into the universal language of the soul. That inner language of color, form, ideas, and feeling can ripple into a much larger, living existence when the artist's creations are experienced by others, and that is the artist's elusive reward.

       I work with traditional materials: oil, watercolor, pastel, and charcoal, and I never tire of them. But I often combine two or more mediums in my works and I experiment with new ways of using them. I am more interested in expressing ideas from within, than exploring the medium as subject. If I am not working directly from nature, then I begin studio paintings from a series of smaller studies first in order to work out ideas, color, space, and composition. 

Teresa Baksa Education

     I am a graduate of Harvard University Extension School, A.L.B. cum laude, 1989, Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Montserrat College of Art, Diploma of Four Year Study in Painting and Drawing, 1979, Beverly, Massachusetts. I have been influenced in the figurative tradition by my study with artist and Montserrat College of Art founder Joseph Jeswald, and by renowned Provincetown artist Salvatore Del Deo. I also studied non-objective painting at Montserrat with artist Paul Scott, who was a student of and personal secretary to Hans Hoffman. At Harvard Extension School I studied design and color theory with Albert Alcalay, and art history and the humanities with many scholars from Harvard, Yale, Tufts, and Boston Universities, and most notably, with Professor Ivan Galantic.


Teresa Baksa Current

     I have been living and working as an artist on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, since 1990. I share my life with my husband, designer goldsmith, Michael Baksa, my step-daughter, and my three Border Terriers. My husband and I recently closed our jewelry and art gallery, BAKSA STUDIO, which was located in Dennis Village, Massachusetts for over 25 years, to enable us to create our art full time without the time constraints of owning a retail business.